Why We chose to Homeschool Our Children

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why we homeschool


Homeschool is not for everyone, it takes a lot of time, patience, and effort. But for those who choose it, it is worth all the fun, learning, and stress. My son attended public school for Kindergarten through 1st grade. I loved his little school, not too many people, smaller classes, and people we knew. And then my husband and I decided to move to a different state! We moved from California to Oregon. The area we moved to, had bigger schools and a lot more people than we were used to. I struggled with putting my son back in public school after the move, and we decided to homeschool him!

Choosing homeschool comes a long with some negative responses from others, but in the end, we know what’s best for our families! A lot of people view homeschool only as a lack of social life. But they overlook all the positives that come along with homeschool, especially nowadays. Some people may think they are not teacher material, or smart enough to be their child’s teacher; myself included, but you will surprise yourself! There are different homeschool options, and the one we chose comes with a lot of support and guidance, which has been very helpful in our home. My daughter will be starting kindergarten this year as a homeschooler, this will be new to both of us but I am really excited for what it will bring!

Why We Continue to Choose Homeschool

Safer Environment

Homeschool eases my mind.  When we first chose homeschool we were in a new place that we didn’t know much about. I was worried about sending my child to a big school where we knew no one, and with home school, I didn’t have to worry about this.

Also, with homeschool, I do not have to worry about my children being bullied, or being exposed to hate.

I choose what my children will learn and we go at our own pace

I can choose what my children will learn. We are on a more strict homeschool curriculum, but I can still control what my child will learn from this curriculum.

We go at our own pace. If one of the kids is struggling, we can spend more time on the subject.

My children will continue to learn our values

My children will continue to learn our family values. One of my biggest concerns with public school is my children picking up unwanted habits, and being exposed to things I would like to protect them from.

Homeschool gives me the opportunity to add our family values into my child’s day, and protect their innocence.

More one on one time

Homeschool makes it possible to have a lot more one on one learning time and gives me the opportunity to be more involved in their schooling.

It offers me a way to learn my children’s learning style and gives me the freedom to cater to that style.

More time to explore, less time in a classroom

Homeschool makes it possible for us to explore our surroundings when we want. We do not have to wait for school to release, or the weekends.

Relaxed schedule

We can start our learning day at a time of our choosing.

We create our own schedule and we choose the best time that works for us.

Freedom to take extra curriculum classes

There are a few different programs and groups in our area that are for homeschoolers and offer a lot of different learning subjects.

We have the freedom to sign up for extra classes that cater to other interests besides the normal subjects taught at public school.


Every now and again my husband and I have the conversation of whether homeschool is still for us and we explore the option of sending our children back to public school. We still choose homeschool and we will continue to choose homeschool as long as possible.

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  1. I’m surprised there isn’t more comments on here. These are all fantastic reasons to homeschool, and having been a homeschooler myself I find myself fearing for my own children. These things all terrify me, especially since I have a child with some behavioral issues that need constant redirection and help. I worry constantly if he’s getting the help he needs to sit and stay and learn. Thankfully, he’s in a good school, but I don’t feel that they’re doing enough to help him. Maybe if/when I end up pregnant again (hopefully not this year) I’ll be able to pull him out and start him homeschooling. Who knows. Thank you for reiterating what I’ve been trying to put into words for the last years. I was pressured into public school and I have to say I pretty much regret it. I know he’s getting benefits, but I cant let my mind rest. Thank you for this.

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