Real Mom Talk: Stay at Home Mom Blues and A Little Reminder

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stay at home mom blues

Experiencing the Stay at Home Mom Blues? Yeah, I Get That Too.


Let’s change the tone for a moment, and talk about the stay at home mom blues. I am a stay at home mom and a homeschool mom. Which means my life is all about taking care of the home, being a helper to my husband, caring for my children, schooling my children and meeting the needs of everyone within the household. And often, I put my needs at the end of the line; I know this is very accurate for many moms. We are always putting ourselves last, and we don’t let this bother us. All that we do for everyone never troubles us because we are Moms and this is what we do, we love, nurture, teach, model, and we are always available no matter the time or day or how we feel, we give these little people our all. We never have anything to gripe about because we do it all for our babies, and if we had to, we would do it all, over and over again.


It’s Not Always Delightful

But occasionally we have those days, where we experience the stay at home mom blues, and we are overwhelmed by our home life and with giving so much of ourselves away. We feel like we should be doing more, we wonder what our life’s purpose is? We feel as though something is missing and we do not know what It is. Maybe it is the feelings of thinking we should be working outside of the home, to contribute financially, or that we are not doing ‘enough’ with our life, and not accomplishing anything. Whatever this funk is, it is an off day, and we feel it to the core.

When I am experiencing the stay at home mom blues, I feel down and out, and as though I am missing out on something. I can’t explain what it is that is bothering me, only that I am down in the dumps, and I have a strong feeling as though something is missing or I should be doing more with my life. When I feel this way, I usually try to ride it out for a couple of days until the urge to talk about it becomes practically overwhelming. That is when I normally talk to my husband, and he just listens; most likely because he knows I am going to find my solution during our conversation. When I am talking to my husband, I always find the same answer and must remind myself of it every time I catch a case of the stay at home mom blues.


Lightbulb Time

My life’s purpose at the moment is to be with my children! They are the most important purpose I will ever have in my life.  I am so blessed to call these children mine! I am so blessed to have the opportunity to raise them, stay at home with them and homeschool them! How could I ever feel down and out about that!? After I remind myself of this, I feel relieved and silly all at the same time. Like, duh, Amber, you’re already doing what you are meant to be doing!

Mom life is hard.

Mom life is hard, it stresses you out, and breaks you down. So just remind yourself when you’re having an off day that God chose YOU to be their mom! And if you are trying your best, then you are doing what you are supposed to be doing! Keep doing what you’re doing!

When all else fails, finding something to call your own, such as a hobby and making time for it, really helps with the feelings or thoughts that you need to be doing something different. For me, I find my outlet in crafting and now my blog. Learning something new, making goals and crushing them is an accomplishment, and you’d better be proud of yourself. No matter what this ‘something new’ is, keep learning and setting goals for yourself. Just because we are home with our children, and our life basically belongs to them, does not mean we cannot grow within.

Now go on momma, and have a beautifully blessed day. Look into your children’s eyes, and listen to their hearts beat. You are their superwoman. Everything you do is for them. Just imagine life 20 years from now, and think of how grateful you will be for all the time you spent with these little lovely, needy, beautiful, pesky children. Now tell me there’s a greater life’s purpose than this? You will be okay; everything will be okay.

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  1. I needed this. I’m a stay at home mom during the summer and with my little girl for the first time (she’s 12 weeks old). I know that I haven’t been doing it very long, but there are days that I get the blues and am not sure I am cut out for it. Thanks for sharing!

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