My Journey to Starting a Mom Blog

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starting a mom blog


I often thought about starting a mom blog, but that was usually as far as I got. One day I was scrolling through Pinterest, looking for ideas on how to earn money from home (if you use Pinterest, you know there were many ideas).  While scrolling, one pin stood out to me, and I immediately opened it, the pin was BECOMING A FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT HOUSEWIFE. This title intrigued me because I would love to contribute financially to our one income household. After reading the post, the little voice inside of me that thought about starting a mom blog, woke up and said, “do it!”

I was excited and thought to myself, “I can do this!” I clicked on the referral link for a blog host, researched names and pricing and planned to start a blog.

But then I put off starting a blog for a few more months because I couldn’t find the “perfect name” (I wish I hadn’t!). The names that I liked were already taken or I just wasn’t sure about them. I would ask my husband and my mom to brainstorm with me, and still, come out empty-handed. I wanted a name that resonated with my soul. Until finally, I had asked my friend and we started brainstorming together, I wanted something that fit me and was real. This is how Humbledmom came about! Once I had my blog name chosen, I I found myself trying to put it off longer (the procrastinator/doubter in me) but thanks to my mom for the extra push, here I am, speaking to you through my words… ( So in short, don’t doubt yourself, don’t put it off, just do it!)

In the beginning, my motivation for starting my mom blog was that I wanted to try to earn income; and this is definitely a goal. But I also wanted more, I love having a greater reach than I do on my private social media accounts, or from my home. I can reach women who are like me, I can offer inspiration, and I can make connections with others. Having a blog has definitely been a roller coaster, but I am so happy that I finally took the leap!

If you are a mom, and you are looking into starting a blog, I say do it! I don’t know what will come from this, but I do know that having a blog has provided me with an outlet that I didn’t know I needed. If you are interested in learning about the resources I use for my blog, check out my resources page.

Steps I took to start my blog:

Secure a blog name and self-host: HostGator

Only $2.58 a month! My total was $48.95 for one year including $12.95 for domain privacy. I’ll spend this in one week on makeup, or on food. So I’d say this was a $48.95 well spent!

Choose a website theme: Inspired by Beautiful Dawn Designs 

I really like this theme. At first, I bought a cheap theme from Etsy and ended up buying my current theme about two weeks later. I would strongly advise going with the theme you really want from the beginning, even if it is a little more costly. It is much better than buying one you do not truly want and having to end up paying for another soon after.

Design a header: Canva

Canva is free!! In the beginning, I had no clue what I was doing. But just keep on, and you will see growth!! I can definitely see a difference from my first images and my current images.

Install a writing enhancement platform:  Grammarly

I find Grammarly extremely helpful. I was always second guessing my writing in the beginning and this has helped me be a little more relaxed.

Write your about me page-

When I first created my about me page, it was more factual and not very personal. Now that I am more comfortable with my blog, my goal is to make it more personal. It is important that the reader gets a glimpse of you and your personality through your about me page (I think!).

Write your first blog post! Yay, so exciting!

Mine was A SIMPLE TRICK TO GET YOUR PRESCHOOL AGED CHILD TO WANT TO SLEEP IN THEIR OWN BED.  Of course, it can be about anything of your choosing. I kind of just dove right in.

Sign up for Ads: Google Adsense

I use Google Adsense

Sign up for Affiliate Marketing: Awin

Right now I am giving Awin a try. It costs $5 to sign up but it will be returned with the first disbursement.

And there you have it, my journey to starting a mom blog, and the steps I took to actually have one! What was your reason for starting a mom blog, if you have one? If you don’t have one, why not!?




5 thoughts on “My Journey to Starting a Mom Blog

  1. Congratulations!
    Your blog is beautiful. Have you had any success in making additional money for your family? I started my blog for many of the same reasons, and I’m feeling discouraged having not been able to generate anything. Your post inspires me to keep trying. I wish you great success!

    1. Thank you so much!! I have not made any additional money yet, but I am still new at everything. Do not be discouraged!! Keep trying, and stay positive! I too, wish you great success <3

    1. Hi there Charlsye! Thank you so much for looking around and deciding to nominate me, that is very kind of you! I am really glad you enjoyed my blog, that means a lot to me 🙂 I am looking forward to checking out your blog <3 Have a wonderful day!!

  2. Thank you for sharing, it’s good to know of these resources. Starting a blog seems like a wonderful adventure and it’s nice to be able to follow in someone elses footprints if your not quite sure of how to get started.

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