A Simple Trick to Get Your Preschool Aged Child to Want to Sleep in Their Own Bed

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kid sleep schedule chart


I know I can’t be the only one who has an almost 5-year-old still trying to sleep in my bed at night! My daughter loves to crawl in bed with my husband and me in the middle of the night when I am too tired to even care. We wake up so uncomfortable the next morning and I tell myself that I am going to get her sleep situation under control, only to repeat the same scenario night after night.


There were several failed attempts to get her to sleep in her own bed. I tried developing a nighttime routine such as reading a night time story, getting her a special night light, and rubbing her back, but no matter what I did, she would still end up in my bed and I would always wake up to her adorable bed hogging little face. I really didn’t do anything about it until my husband started to let me know how uncomfortable it was for him to have her in bed with us at night. Which I agree, it was pretty uncomfortable, but she’s my baby and I didn’t mind it as much as him!

After a few days of my husband bringing it to my attention, I started to brainstorm and tried to come up with what I thought would be the best approach for her. I searched on Pinterest for sleep charts and printed one out,  I showed the sleep chart to my daughter and explained to her how it would work;  she was motivated from the start. If your child loves rewards or has a favorite movie, cartoon, character, loves to watch Youtube videos with all the different surprise toys then this is a good way to motivate your child to use the chart.

Sleep chart rules:

  • Fall asleep in your own bed.
  • Stay in your own bed all night.
  • Earn a star in the morning, if the above are met.
  • At the end of the week, if she earned a star for every day she would earn a surprise.
  • If she failed to meet the above rules, there would be no surprise that week and we’d start fresh the following day.

From day one, she slept in her bed all night. 25 days later she completed her chart successfully and earned fun surprises along the way. It has been about two weeks since she completed her chart and she’s going strong (except one slip up). What I think helped a lot, was letting her be involved and giving her lots of praise. She really enjoyed putting her own stars on her chart and giving me ideas of what type of surprises she would like. She has now graduated to a chore chart, and so far, this has proven to be a little more difficult!

Update:  Almost 2 months later, and she still sleeps in her own bed with no expectations of a surprise at the end of the week. Yay!

Surprises she earned:

Peppa Pig lunch box and water bottle – Target (Dollar Spot)

Peppa Pig – Fancy Dress Party Pack (4 Pack) – Amazon

Ballet Shoes – Amazon

Dab and Dot Set of 5 Super Girl Shimmer Markers – Amazon

L.O.L Surprise Doll Ball- Amazon


Here is a picture of her chart, it’s not the cutest thing but it was hers.

kid sleep chart


And the money to buy 4 /5 of the surprises did not come out of our pocket!! You can learn about how I did this on my post: http://humbledmom.com/earn-money-from-home/


Thank you for reading, please share if you found this helpful. Also, share with me in the comments below what you have found helpful with getting your little one to sleep in their own bed, or to complete chore charts.



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