5 Ways to Enjoy Your Day Off With Kids at Home

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ideas on how to take the day off with kids

How often do we find ourselves feeling like we never get a day off? Almost always,  right? As a stay at home mom or a working mom, no matter what our work life looks like; we never get a day off at home. It’s hard! The house needs to be cleaned, the laundry needs to be done, the dishes need to be washed, the kids need to be entertained, fed, bathed and the list goes on for miles and miles (What? This is what it really feels like, never ending!) And we wonder, when will we ever get a day off?!

I’m here to say, take the day off, you deserve it, momma! I take the weekends off with my husband. It is much needed after the week, and it helps me prepare for the following week.

Do the bare minimum on your days off

Cook easy cleanup meals and serve on napkins or paper plates

I like to make lots of quesadillas, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and grilled cheese on the weekends!

Use the dish washer, or wash as you go (This will help as an ongoing habit, throughout the week)

The dish washer makes for a very easy cleanup, and to make things easier teach the kids and/or dad to rinse the dishes. I do not use the dishwasher, but teaching the kids and/or dad to wash the dishes as they go is a huge help!

Let the kids  use their imagination and entertain themselves

I like to let the kids use their imagination and figure out their own entertainment. This way I can get a break and they can figure out playing on their own for a while.

Watch that TV show 😉 and let dad hang with the kids

Watch a movie or TV show and let the kids hang with dad for a while or a babysitter.

Take a nap

Take advantage of the kids being with dad or a babysitter, and take a much needed nap!

Everything will be okay! It’s okay for the kids to use their imagination and entertain themselves. It’s okay to take a break from cleaning on your days off. It’s okay to watch some TV or to take a nap. When I take it easy on the weekends with my husband, I feel ready to start the new week and eager to start back up on our weekly routine once Monday rolls back around. Enjoy your day off momma, you deserve it!!

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