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How I Make Money from Home on Amazon Mechanical Turk

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I am often on Pinterest, pinning away whatever catches my eye on my feed. Which includes a lot of stay at home mom stuff such as how to make money from home. One day, I came across this blog post: http://singlemomsincome.com/work-at-home-typing-jobs/, in this blog post, there are promising suggestions on how to make money from home. The one that stuck for me is Amazon Mechanical Turk.

There is a sign-up process, and the website can either approve you or not approve you. On Amazon Mechanical Turk, there is work that is referred to as “HITS.” HITS start at .01 cents and go up from there. You can filter the HITS by what pays most to least, the time allotted, creation date and so on. The HITS consist of different types of work such as surveys, transcribing, batches of simple tasks, etc… All HITs vary in the amount of time they take to complete. I usually stick with short surveys that pay $1 and up, unless the HIT is very short and I find it to be worth the amount of money that will be paid.

I have been on Amazon Mechanic Turk for one month and 2 weeks, and I have made $284.46 to date. This isn’t much, but it is more than I was making before, which is nothing. I have made a goal of $10 a day (I don’t do weekends) which will be about $200 a month. This can help with expenses such as things that are needed around the house, gas, food, the electricity bill, phone bill, things we add into our cart and never check out (I know I’m not the only one! Lol), new shoes for the kids, or activities for the kids. $200 doesn’t sound like much, but it can actually help. Amazon MTurk is able to transfer earnings once a day, either to an Amazon gift card or to Amazon Pay where the money can be transferred directly into a bank account.


Tips and Tricks, I have learned along the way:


In the beginning focus on completing more HITS versus the amount they pay.

  • The more HITs completed the more HITs that become available to you.
  • Requesters set in place qualifications for HITs. For example, HITS can only be completed by people who have completed 100 HITS, 500 HITS, etc. In the beginning, there aren’t great HITs available to you, but stick with it!

Pay attention during the HIT!

  • During HITs there are attention checks, pay attention for these. If one is missed, it will be rejected.
  • Hits will either be approved or rejected. If rejected, this will damage your approved rating, which can limit your access to other HITS. Requesters set in place requirements, such as an approved rating of 98 and above (Which means only people with 98 and above will see these HITS).

Join the forum http://turkernation.com/forumdisplay.php?66-Newbie-Questions

  • There are many helpful tips on this website.
  • Search for other sites as well.

Once you become familiar with the site, add scripts.

Join here: earn money from home


There is much more to learn, but these tips are what have helped me get started and make some extra money from home. I have seen people with goals a lot higher than mine, on the forum above. Amazon Mechanical Turk is a site where the longer you stick with it, the better the HITS get. I hope you have found this helpful, and if you think someone else will please share it! Thank you for reading and have a blessed day!


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