Christmas Traditions

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family Christmas traditions

Christmas is my most favorite time of the year. I love the weather, I love stepping out of my house to the smell of fireplaces burning, I love the feelings it brings, I love giving, heck who am I kidding I love Shopping!! And most importantly, I love teaching my children about the meaning of Christmas and I always try to work in a meaningful lesson for them. Since Christmas is my favorite Holiday/ time of the year, Christmas Traditions are important to me.

Traditions are so important to me. I remember all of the traditions I had with my family while growing up, and these are some of my greatest memories. Traditions are important for children! Traditions help remind the child of where they come from,  provide beautiful happy memories as they get older, and provide traditions to carry on within their own families!! I can’t help but smile at the thought of my children carrying on traditions from their childhood and passing them on to their own children.

We start our traditions the day after Thanksgiving, sometimes this day is started with some Christmas shopping, or at home decorating for the season.

Our Christmas Traditions:

Decorate our home the day after Thanksgiving

On this day, we usually get out early in the morning, do some shopping. And spend the rest of the day at home decorating for the holiday.

Buy our Christmas tree, the weekend after Thanksgiving

I love making special memories with this. When we lived in California, we would go to our chosen tree lot with our hot coffee and hot chocolate, walk around, take photos, and be picky about what tree we were going to choose.

Now that we live in Oregon, it’s been a game changer for our Christmas tree shopping. This last year, we found our tree spot that we will continue to return to as long as we can. There, we are able to cut down our own tree, and if you aren’t up to that, there is a huge variety of fresh cut trees waiting for you to take home. I love the smell of Christmas trees, which means this place is amazing! Lol. The tree farm also provides free hot chocolate, so all we need to come equipped with is our hot coffee and rope, and we are ready to go. We take lots of pictures!! This year I am excited because I have a new camera that I had this day specifically in mind for, just waiting to be used 😉

Decorate our tree 

I love decorating our Christmas tree! The kids will usually help with a few ornaments, and let me take over. Which I do not mind at all because I seriously have a problem with needing my tree to be decorated my way.

Each family member picks out a new ornament of their choosing every year.

This way when I am old and grey setting up my tree, I have a bunch of sentimental ornaments on my tree (this makes me happy). That can later be reclaimed by my children and carried on through their Christmas tree.

Make sugar cookies!!

I love sugar cookies, and its always fun to get the kids involved with cutting them out. The kids love sugar cookies too. Of course, their favorite part is eating them.

Hang up our Christmas cards

I save Christmas cards that we get each year, nowadays it seems like everyone just logs on Facebook and wishes their loved ones a Merry Christmas, but there is something special about sending out Christmas cards. I like to hang up our Christmas cards in a special area dedicated just for them.

Send out our Christmas Cards

I should probably send them out a bit earlier, but I love sending them out. It would be a plus to add in some pictures.

Put Christmas lights up

We do not have a whole house to decorate outside, but we make the best of what we do have and hang lights around the windows, front door and sliding glass door.

On the week before Christmas, usually on Christmas Eve, we get our coffee and hot chocolate and drive around to look at all the pretty Christmas lights. Our favorite place to get hot chocolate from is Dutch Bros! Or make it home, which is even better.

This is one of my favorite memories from Christmas as a child. And I am happy to carry on this tradition with my children.

Open one gift on Christmas Eve.

P.S it is always PJs, a movie or book usually on the meaning of Christmas, and slippers.

When we lived in California this day was for my in-laws, their tradition is to open all of their gifts at midnight! We would hang out by the tree, and impatiently wait for 12 am, lol.

Wake up on Christmas morning and open presents!

We spend the rest of the day with family.

This year, I would like to make a special breakfast, preferably one that can be made the night before. I see a lot of ideas on Pinterest for this…

Take out the tree on New Years Day.

This is the day we take out our tree, I look at it as new beginnings. Out with the old, in with the new 🙂

And there you have it. A post on how much I love Christmas, hence the word love all throughout this post 🙂 Other fun things that we try to do is dress warm, and go to the city to take part in all of the holiday cheer. Sometimes that just includes a drive through the city, to see all of the people out and about, see the city decorations and “feel” out and about but still in the warm car, lol. We also like to pay for people’s drinks/food behind us in drive-thrus, this is always nice to do throughout the year when able. It’s always fun to spread Christmas cheer!

What are your Christmas traditions? I would love to hear about your favorite traditions, and maybe pick up a few new ones 🙂 Thank you for reading! Have a blessed day.

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