How My Daughter is Brand Repping For Small Shops on Instagram

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brand repping for small shops on instagram

I have followed people who do brand repping for small shops on Instagram for quite some time, but I never got into it. Recently, I decided to give it a shot with my 5-year-old daughter. All of the small shops have such cute unique clothes, and I want to be a part of that (and feed my shopping addiction, of course, 😉)! After being more involved, I find it very satisfying that we are helping a small business and supporting someone’s dream.

It is an awesome feeling to be a part of a community where most people have the same mindset, of supporting each other’s dreams.  Here are the steps I took to get involved.

Start an Instagram dedicated to brand repping

I started one specifically for my children, and I post pictures that have been specifically taken for that account. In the beginning, I only had pictures that I had taken in the past, that were not great quality for brand repping, but I posted them anyway. 😊 I put together a few outfits took pictures, and post one here and there to give the illusion of a lot more pictures.

Take clear clutter free pictures of your child and post them on Instagram

Find a place within your home with natural lighting and a nice background, or outside with a nice wall or background. Take pictures at your child’s level. When I’m taking pictures of my daughter, I kneel to her level. I also find that taking pictures in the shade, or in the mornings/evenings are better than mid day when the sun is blaring.

Learn  how to edit your photos

I am still learning how to edit my photos. Currently, I am playing around with Snapseed and Afterlight on my phone. Keep in mind, every shop has their unique photo style when editing. All shops love clear, well-lit photos, and I’ve noticed not a lot of shops use heavily edited photos.

Find shops you love on Etsy and search for them on Instagram

I have found quite a few shops this way, especially hair bow shops and head wraps.

Purchase from small shops and tag the shop in your pictures

This is new for me. I have purchased from Etsy a few times before, but currently, I am working on purchasing a lot of my daughter’s clothes from small shops. Tag the shop in your photo for a possible feature, or just to let the shop know you are supporting their shop and love their items 😊

Join brand repping groups on Facebook

I started out with joining one group, and from there it was a wrap! I have found more and more groups to join, such as VIP groups for specific shops. VIP groups usually get sneak peeks and early purchase opportunities along with a possible discount.


Engage with shops and other brand reps. They will take notice of your support. Be genuine, and show the shops you really enjoy their shop.

Enter small shop team searches

Team searches are when the shop is looking for a group of people to represent their shop, buy their products with a discount in exchange for photos with their products styled. Some shops have brand ambassadors, brand reps, and brand enthusiasts. Shops also have interactive teams, this is a team that shows love on each post that the shop uploads on IG or FB, and in exchange for the interaction the team receives a discount for the shop.

Things to Keep in Mind

There seems to be a lot more small shops for younger kids

There are plenty of cute shops for bigger kids, but there are so many cute shops for smaller children. I am always bummed out when I find a shop with the cutest clothes, to only find out that they do not have my daughters size. There are shops that will take custom orders for bigger sizes. I like to follow all of the shops that I enjoy, but I bookmark shops that carry my daughter’s sizes or turn on notifications.

You will not always get chosen for team searches

Every team search you enter, will not always result in being chosen. I am still really new to brand repping, and I was lucky to be chosen during the first few team searches I entered, and I have not been chosen for a few as well. Don’t take it personally, just keep supporting and try again next time.

Photo quality matters

I have never paid so much attention to my photo quality until we started on this journey. Do not send bad quality photos to shops. There are times when my daughter and I go out to take pictures, and I end up with pictures I am not happy with and we will go out again to retake the pictures. I am no pro by any means, I just try my best.😊 I am learning quickly that a camera would be better than a phone, but work with what you have.

Make it fun for your child

Brand repping for small shops is fun! My daughter loves to dress up, which makes it easier to take pictures. There are times, where she’s not up to it, and I promise something fun, or something to that nature for her when we’re all done. It works every time!

You can get involved too

Moms and dads get involved too! There is mom and me sets that are super cute. Shops search for moms and dads to represent their adult lines along with their child, or alone. My husband and daughter just finished a dad and daughter picture session that was really fun. Get involved and make it fun for everyone. 😊 Brand repping for small shops is fun for me too, it gives me one on one time with my daughter, plus I love taking pictures.

 Last but not Least, Do not enter this community expecting free stuff.

I entered this community with the knowledge that shops may choose to send us free items, but I did not enter the community expecting this. For the shops that we rep for, we are offered a discount in exchange for photos; which I am totally okay with. Some brands may send free items after trust has been built. But again, do not expect this.

Come and join us in the brand repping world, and support someone’s dream 😊




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