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introvert momBeing an introverted Mom/Stay at Home Mom


I love who I am as an introvert. But Being an introverted mom is difficult when you have an extroverted husband, and kids who love to be social. I struggle with keeping up with them and feel bad about doing so…

There are times when I feel as though my children are not getting enough social interaction, or as though they wonder why I do not want to be outside with them 24/7, or why I’m not like their daddy who likes to talk to people often. And this is because I am an introvert and I very much enjoy being at home with myself and the kids.

Things That I Struggle With As An Introverted Mom

Birthday Parties

It may sound silly, but Birthday parties are stressful for me! My husband LOVES big parties where friends and family are all gathered. But for me, just thinking about a big party gives me anxiety! Not because of all the planning that is needed, but because of all the people who will be there. We have had a few big Birthday parties for our kids, and every time, I found myself thinking about how I could not wait for the party to be over. It is draining when we have to make small talk with so many people and accommodate them.

From now on my husband and I have decided to let our kids choose something special to do on their Birthdays instead of having a big birthday party. This year my daughter chose to go to the beach, we made a weekend out of it and visited the local Ripley’s Believe it or not, Wax museum and aquarium. She didn’t even notice she wasn’t having a big birthday party 😉 This works perfectly for me. Lol.

Letting the Kids Play Out Front

Okay, this one might sound strange, but we live in apartments, and the kids love to play in the “front yard.” I am going to go out on a limb and say that it is because the neighborhood kids always tend to come out when they’re out or they are already out there. Now, why do I struggle with this? Because if the kids and I go out front, the neighborhood parents expect me to want to talk. I’m not much of a talker; I’d prefer just to watch my kids play and talk to them.

Play Dates

I don’t set up play dates, or attend playdates. My husband is usually the one to befriend the father of a child that our kid likes to play with, and they go from there. I do however let kids come over to our house to play for a while; it’s not the kids that stress me out, it’s the parents (haha).

School Social Events

My son is in homeschool, so I don’t have to worry about this much anymore. But when he was in public school it was hard to volunteer for school events or to volunteer in the classroom. I always wanted to be that parent that was super involved in my children’s schooling, but once he started school, it was easier to help in the classroom by donating items that the class needed or taking work home. This way, I was still involved but more behind the scenes.

Things That I love About Being an Introverted Mom

And then there are the things that I love about being an introvert. Sometimes things can be a little complicated, but a lot of the time things are simple. I love that my kids are learning simplicity by having an introverted mom; how to be content with less, easy to please. With their father being an extrovert, they get a little of both worlds, which is a nice balance.

Small circle

My circle is small, and that circle includes my husband, children, and a few friends. They all make me content. I enjoy only having my few favorite people and having a deep connection with each of them. A couple of introvert qualities are loyalty and listening. We are loyal to our circle, and I’m sure most introverts are good listeners. We love our circle and the connection.

Deep thinker

I know my husband gets tired of hearing me when he’s in the middle of trying to do something spontaneous and I’m right there to be all logical, but I can’t help it, I am always the thinker. Introverts think before we do, think before we say (usually), we are observant,  and we are planners. For me, being a deep thinker also helps with having a closer relationship with God, and gives me the desire to have Bible time. I love that I can teach this to my children as well.

No Problem with Being Alone

As an introvert, it takes me an extended time to feel lonely. I am content with being by myself. When I need company, my husband, children and close friends fill me up. I prefer to be alone. And this is why for me; as a stay at home mom, it is very important that I find alone time throughout my day, to recharge.

Enjoy the Small Things

I would consider myself as an easy to please person, I don’t expect much -just the basics really.  This gives me space to enjoy things without expecting them. As an introvert, the simple stuff is more enjoyable such as reading, taking a long walk,  and alone time.


And there you have it! Traits that we as introverted moms have. It’s not always easy being an introvert in what seems like an extrovert world, but it is fulfilling. What do you struggle with as an introvert mom? Or what do you love about it? Thank you for reading, and have a blessed day!!



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8 thoughts on “Being an Introverted Mom

  1. Thanks for being so open about this. I am sure your writings will help a lot of people. It has helped me understand more about what my son was going through. He suffered from social anxiety.

    1. Hi Joleisa,
      I am glad it helped you have a deeper understanding of what your son was going through. Social anxiety is a beast.

  2. I’m introverted but I’m not a mom… however…I do feel your pain. Just thinking about those situations is making my anxiety go through the roof! We also love the same things about being introverted 🙂 apart from the mom bit obviously. does cat mom count? I don’t think it does :p I’m going to read the book that was recommended in the comments above too 😀
    Claire – StartACraftBlog recently posted…10 Awesome Ways To Get You More Site TrafficMy Profile

    1. Yes, those situations can be quite stressful!! It’s nice to hear fellow introverts agree with me and understand!!

    1. Well hello there, fellow Introvert momma ☺
      It’s nice to know I’m not alone! Lol.

      I have not, but I am definitely going to check it out now!

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