Back to School Must Haves to Keep Your Homeschool Organized

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It’s about that time again, where we need to start thinking about back to school! Are you ready? I am not, it’s been nice taking a break from our normal routine, and this school year will be a little hectic for me because my daughter is entering kindergarten! I will be homeschooling both of my children, and I do know it is going to be a challenge! This is a round up of back to school must haves for the homeschool to keep it organized. I’ve had unorganized homeschool years, and it is overwhelming. Having an organized homeschool means less stress for everyone.


Book Case

A bookcase is mandatory! All of your books will need a home, and what better place for them than a bookcase? This will keep all the books organized, and there is also room for other home school supplies such as pencils, markers, crayons, stapler, hole punchers and any other supplies you do not want to crowd a desk.


Organizer Cart

An organizer cart is very helpful for bringing out supplies when they are needed, and putting them away when they are not needed.


Wall Organizer

The wall organizer is perfect for organizing homework/paperwork from different subjects or for different children. You can place homework that has been completed, or assignments that are to be completed.


Paper Compartment

For me, homeschool comes along with a lot of papers. It is a must to have a place for all the papers to be placed.


Desk Organizer

A desk organizer comes in handy for supplies that we always want to be available for our child.


Big Dry Erase White Board

I love my white board! It is helpful to have something to write on and have the children follow along with the individual dry erase white boards below. This is also magnetic.


Individual Double Sided Dry Erase White Board

Personal white boards for the kids. These go along with the bigger white board and will come in handy for me with my daughter just starting kindergarten and with my son and math.



Dry Erase Markers

Dry erase markers, these are for the above boards. I love having a variety of colors, and the kids do too!



Lots of magnets for art work to use on the magnetic board below and fridge.


Magnetic Board

This magnetic board is awesome for more paper organizing such as art work display, schedule display, chore chart display. This can be the home of your families command center.


Storage Utility Cart

Organizing cart to move around supplies when they are needed. This is handy for projects that are currently being worked on and all the supplies, or for subjects of the day.


Utensil Hanging Rack

This utensil rack is pretty nice to have. Hang it in your homeschool area for more off the desk organization.


Utensil Rack Containers

Containers for the utensil rack. These come in handy for pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, crayons, and what ever your heart desires.


Magnetic Containers

Steel magnetic containers are perfect for small miscellaneous items such as paper clips, staples, erasers, rubber bands, small art supplies and any other small item you can think of. And they are magnetic, so you can stick them on your cart or magnetic board to keep them in a safe spot and out of the way.


Desk Calendar

What better way to stay organized than with a desk calendar? And to make it extra helpful teach your child how to use it.

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  1. Great items for homeschooling! I also like to have a mini projector (although somewhat expensive) so I can project presentations on the wall as well as show video clips when needed.

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