3 Tips on How to Create Alone Time as a Stay At Home Mom

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Alone Time For Stay at Home Moms


Being a stay at home mom is hard. Finding time for alone time is hard. When my husband comes home from work he is physically exhausted and he comes home to a wife who is mentally exhausted. By the time he gets home, I am ready to check out, but I can’t get ahead of myself because now, I have a third person to take care of lol. This is why making time for yourself throughout the day and trying your best to enjoy some alone time is so important! To reset your mental state, and help the rest of your day go smoother.

While my husband is at work; it’s just me, and the kids at home. It is important for me to fit in some alone time with myself during the day. My son is really chill, he has his moments where he likes to talk my ear off, but my daughter… She’s on a different level! She is go-go-go from the time she wakes up to the time she goes to sleep. Which means that it is absolutely necessary I get some peace and quiet throughout the day. Here are a few things I make a part of my day:


Wake up earlier or go to bed later than your children, to have that much-needed alone time.

  • I wake up about 2 hours before the kids, to have my coffee, do a little Bible study, write in my planner, or anything else that is apart of my morning routine at the time.
  • My husband works mornings, I wake up at the same time as him, see him off to work, and enjoy my alone time. I enjoy this time best when the kids are sleeping and my husband is at work.
  • When my husband worked nights, I stayed up late to have some alone time with myself.

Set a specific time that you would like your children to get out of bed and/or their rooms in the morning.

  • I learned this idea from Mama Wise. In my home, this time is at 9 am. If my children wake up earlier than 9 am, they can quietly play with toys, play with our dog in their room, or lay in bed until it is time to come out. Sometimes my daughter will try to come out a bit before 9 am, I just remind her it is not time yet but either way, I have already had about an hour and a half of quiet time to myself. And I am always grateful that she didn’t wake up when my husband left for work (you know how kids are! Lol.)
  • Use a clock to remind children when it is time to come out, by showing the child the time and highlighting the specific time on the clock. I bought a cheap one from Wal-Mart, took the back off, highlighted 9 am, and discussed it with my children.

Implement 2 to 4 into your day.

  • I learned this from Finding Joy in The Journey. In short, it is a set quiet time for the household.  Everyone will be in their own space, and doing their own thing for a certain amount of time.
  • It doesn’t have to be from 2-4, use whatever times work best for you. In my home, we go for 1-2 hours between the hours of 2 pm to 4 pm. These times work for me because this is usually about the time that the homework is all done and where we can all use a mental break. This is the perfect time for everyone to be quiet, and enjoy their own alone time.
  • I set the timer on the stove, separate the children, help them get situated and enjoy the quiet time as best I can. My daughter doesn’t have it down 100% but she is making progress. And frankly, any quiet time is better than no quiet time.
  • During this time my kids will read, play on their tabs, watch a movie, or play with their toys. Or a little of everything, as long as they can do it themselves.
  • I use this time for school work, my new blog, Amazon Mechanical Turk, reading, or anything I enjoy or need to do.

Implementing these 3 things into my day really helps me to stay sane throughout my day. I hope these tips help someone! If you found this post helpful, or you think someone else will, please share it! Don’t forget to leave comments with what helps you throughout your day!  Thank you for reading. Have a blessed day!

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